Hidden Place

Written, Directed & Designed by Ishwar Maharaj

Photography by Ville-Matias Roisko

Imagine a world where death is the price you pay for being yourself. Then imagine yourself imagining a world where that isn't the case. Welcome to the 'Hidden Place.'


Ubiquitous and Imminent are receivers and transmitters. They glide from Hidden Places of destruction into Hidden Places of beauty with fluid steps. Their job is to give a voice to those who have their's silenced by brutal regimes around the world. Their job is to be FREE: but how do you define freedom?

Girl 1
Girl 2
Copyright 2010

First staged at Tehdas Teatteri, Finland as part of the KRIIK Festiivaali in 2010

A second staging with a new scene was also at Tehdas Teatteri in 2011, but this time it was part of the Turku 2011 Capital of Culture. Both productions were directed by Ishwar Maharaj.

"Hidden Place wonders what it is like to live as a woman under a fascist government...
Actresses working an almost empty stage has a strong emotional charge."
Annina Karku  - TURUN SANOMAT