Ella Gray

Written and Directed by Ishwar Maharaj

Finnish Translation by Eeva Salonius

Designed by Marie Antikainen

Photography by Taina Saati & Marie Antikainen

Ella Gray was first produced by Teatteri Vertigo and performed at Tehdas Teatteri, Finland 2008.

Ella Gray is based loosely on the writer Jean Rhys, who only achieved the fame and recognition she desired towards the end of her alcoholic and tragic life, when she commented bitterly "It came too late." The play is set in 1930's pre-war Paris in a seedy jazz club with hot music, gamblers and private dancers and follows the young ambitious writer through her colourful life as her older self looks on.



“The wholeness of Ella Gray is flawless and playwright & director, Ishwar Maharaj controls the play with effects that are impossible to underrate. The stylish balancing act of the presentation in the space is a real testament of skill. The meetings between Young & Old Ella and the mirroring of each other are especially touching.”
Frida Gustafsson - TURUN SANOMAT