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All paintings were hand drawn by myself on the computer using a variety of software and are offered here as limited edition prints. 


Each piece is printed on museum quality paper and is then laminated and mounted onto a 5mm black or white foam board. On the back there is my signature and the number of the edition.


These pictures can be mounted very easily to the wall  without a frame, but depending on your aesthetic, they work equally as well in a modern frame. If you would like help on choosing a frame I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.


Each of these prints are strictly limited editions, the numbers of which can be found on each picture along with prices, descriptions and sizes.


Please note that prices do not include posting and packaging as this will vary due to size of picture and from country to country.

Courtesans 2015
Old Testaments Of Love 2015
Journeys In Chroma 2014
Journeys In Chroma 2013
Journeys In Chroma 2012
Black Mass 2011
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