"I found this piece most entertaining"

Jack Bradley, The Royal National Theatre

on the script.

"It is a clever piece of drama about language, logic and the human search."

Tamasha Theatre Company

on the script

"nO-bOdy nOse is spirited and accessible play and I admired its ambition."

Ruth Little, Young Vic Theatre Company

on the script

nO-bOdy nOse

by Ishwar Maharaj

A man with a box finds a sneeze by the side of the road and decides to help it find it's nose. So they embark on a journey which takes them into the Dead Wood where they encounter God, his wife, an man obsessed with hair, Handsome & Delicious - a pair of Bakers from the 'Butter My Buns' bakery harbouring a dark obsession for noses and the Echo's who echo everything.


nO-bOdy nOse was first performed at The Space, london in 2006 and was designed by Marie Antikainen and directed by Victoria Di Pace with the following cast:


Man With Box - Ishwar Maharaj
Man With Hat - simon Rhodes
Voice of God - Niko Nicotera
Little Echo - Elia Dias
Big Echo - Martine Niven
Woman With Dog (God's Wife) - Niko Nicotera
Handsome - Richard Andersson
Delicious - Victoria Di Pace

The multinational production (nO-bOdy nOse) is quite entertaining and playwright Ishwar Maharaj, who also gives a wondering optimism to his role as Man with Box, has a light touch with some of the genuinely comic scenes. He has created a nice double act in Handsome and Delicious (Richard Andersson and Victoria Di Pace), the vain, bickering owners of Butter My Buns bakery and Niko Nicotera gives a wonderful turn as Gods wife, who appears to be Freddie Mercury in drag.


"nO-bOdy nOse is an unusual and assured piece of writing. It contains a number of literary echoes from the Absurdists (particularly N.F.Simpson) to Gogol and has an innate theatricality."


"Ishwar maharaj has written a witty and beguiling play which deserves to be seen."

Jonathan Kent Theatre & opera director

"nO-bOdy nOse  made me forget myself completely. I'm normally dubious of the proposed marriages between text and physical theatre, but this was just perfectly done - the physicalisation being the most suitable means of telling the story (of the text). A charming and magical piece of theatre".

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